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Larchmont Station House before its replacement by I-95 in 1958.


The Woman’s Club of Larchmont was founded in 1925 because of the vision of 12 women who felt that by working together they could be a powerful influence for good in the community. At one time membership swelled to 500 as women discovered they could do good, have fun, and be personally enriched at the same time. 


Over the years their contributions have been notable: The club was instrumental in the creation of the Larchmont Public Library, it helped many families through hard times during the Depression and provided basic support for children at Pleasant Valley Home. It has given thousands of gifts to the institutionalized and funded scholarships for the deserving. In recent years, the club’s philanthropy efforts have also given support to many other local organizations and institutions that contribute to the betterment of the community. 

Now 94 years old, it continues in its basic structure and continues to draw dynamic women from all parts of the community. Check the calendar page for the events ahead.

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